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Not bad!

I think this is too good for a mere menu. Maybe an opening sequence? Or credits?

It's just got too much about it to be used in a menu.

Great job, really enjoyed it. It's got a nice, upbeat feel to it.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thank you :)


Around fifty seconds... That was hilarious. When they both tried to speak at the same time. Haha, "forget what the fuck I was gonna say!".

Haha. Awesome.

Shit man, the black Dude is so funny, when he says he's disappointed of there not being any Samurais left, haaahaa.


Dude it's alright, not bad at all.

I enjoyed it, some tasty beats in dere.

Thumbs up and good luck with the contest.


This is actually, really... REALLY good.

It went SO well with your animation, I honestly thought it was the FOTNS's OST!

Seriously man, so haunting in places, it's so good. The distortion really adds a dark, powerful feel to it. I don't care if it wasn't intentional or not, it's amazing!

It feels so full of energy, and when I watched your flash with this in, I wept manly tears.

I'm so glad you choice to upload this, great work man, really. One of my favourite bits of audio.

Could listen to this for an age.


You sound a lot like Steve Blum.

That guy does everything.

Which is kinda cool, cause he rocks.

Gianni responds:

Steve Blum is the cool. Even if I could be as cool as Steve Blum, I still wouldn't be as cool as Steve Blum.

Thank you very much!

Hey alright.

I liked this.

I felt it did have that 'moster encounter' feel to it, but perhaps not just any monster? I felt this was more of a boss encounter or something.

Also, I kinda felt that I was listening to two tracks, competing to be heard, I don't feel certain sounds complemented each other, or perhaps it was just the volume of certain instruments.

I really liked this though, would be nice to see it in a flash sub.

Yeah I like it.

I could hear the bass and I think you did well implementing it into this track.

I tried to put this on as background music but it felt a little bit invasive so I had to focus on listening to the song rather that multitask. I guess it was just loud in places and that brought my attention to the track.

Still a great piece, well done. Look forward to more of your work.

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Ah-ha - It politely requests your time and listening attention. Thank you listening, I really appreciate it.

Nice, really nice actually!

I like the sparce use of instruments and I feel it adds a certain character to this piece. Simple, yet in no means does this feel like a half baked submission.

Frozen in time... Yeah, I can see that with the wavering notes. It does feel slightly mystical and eerie, and the notes playing over the top do feel slow and sharp. They remind me of ice, and I can picture a camera panning across a frozen forest detailing various things which are frozen mid-activity.

Brilliant, I love it.

I feel this could easily be used in a submission, it has such character.

This loops perfectly!

scartheatre responds:

Thanks so much! :D


Excellently put together, great work.

Instantly in my favourites.

Ankalegon responds:

I'm glad you like. Thanks for the compliment


Sweet intro and an energetic beat to follow. The fade in/out around 30 seconds got me questioning my speakers, it was really trippy.

While it sounded good, the beat never really seemed to go anywhere, maybe that's just dubstep (I have zero experience with it). Either way, it was a good listen.

dj-Nate responds:

Cool, thanks for the honest review. It helps.

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