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this isthe worst submision ive ever seen.

this would nbever happen in dbz. Wtf why is vegeta a doctor? it dosnt matter he has no job, he saves the world.

goku is strong okay (but i like vegeta better) and i doubt hed ever get a colonial hermina. and from doing weights on his arms wtf.

why does he even fly like that, why dosnt vegeta just go rob a bank (i know he went good but he is still bad) if he needs mopney. bulma is rich

why does bulma sound like she is from new zeeland, i know she is jhapanese but okay ni the voice acting by americans she is american so why have you gotten an new zeeland voice acter to do the voice?

graphics are okay, i do fan art of dbz and its pretty good like this. music was okay, a remix of we gotta powa if i think. voiceing was really bad (noo zeeland, reall;y?)

but because it was of dbz i give you 4.5 stars.

I wanted to close this flash within the first ten seconds of viewing.

I still wanted to close it half way through.

After watching it all, I wish I had closed it sooner.

Animation was poor, audio quality made my ears bleed. Plot was random, but I guess intriguing at the same time. I guess I wanted to get something out of the flash, and hoped for a good ending. Which I didn't get, so I feel cheated.

I'm not any better for having watched this flash.

You get a star for Alfy's voice acting.

I'm done.

emily-youcis responds:

damn, g, guess I should've made sum quality Goku-f**ks-his mom simulated girl hentai instead. Love never has a good ending, breh, though if you continue to relentlessly fap to anime hentai and "THER SHE IS!: Step Sh*t," you'll never learn this valuable lesson. Hey, atleast by watchin this you gave CHeeChee and your chafed member a break, and I'm happy I ruined 6 minutes of ur perpetual fap. You get a star for calling Alfred 'Alfy' though, that's cute. Okee I'm done.

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Good game, really simple concept executed brilliantly.

Was fun to guess around, didn't score too highly myself I must admit.

I wasn't going to fucking get "A cop, not a man" wrong though, I'd be damned if I did.


Ops, spoiler! Sorry!!


Pretty much same concept as Draw My Thing but not quite the frantic fast paced answering chaos that occurs.

This game has a fantastic plus to it, and that's it unites Newgrounds, User to User.

I mean, I just send some chump (Vampire something something) a message with a poorly drawn bird. I've never spoken to this guy before, but now I've sent him a poorly drawn bird! HE'S JUST GONNA HAVE TO RESPOND!

Not so original concept, executed brilliantly, involving all of Newgrounds. On that merit, this game is one of the best.

Love it

Mattster responds:

Thanks a lot! My goal was to finally get some User-User interaction, and judging by your review, I executed it correctly :D


I've only just played a little but so far, so good.

This game is so impressive. It's responsive, fun, and looks good!

Finally, a decent game from a (seemingly) independent author. None of this Armour Games shit.

There is a somewhat steep learning curve at first, and the sprint frustrates me a little. Guy doesn't appear to be able to sprint up stairs and stops sprinting after vaulting objects.

Also, while the menus are easy to navigate, they appear a little messy and doesn't do the game justice. For instance, guns unlocked this map. It's just a line of text telling me the guns, and it looks kinda last minute.

The combat is great, it's fast paced and dangerous Like it should! It's very satisfying when you kill people. Sometimes I think it would be best to have SPACE as jump/vault and another key for grenade, although it's not that much of an issue really..

Cover is okay, like crouching behind stuff, but kinda restricts your fire too, so I kinda use it only for reloading behind. Using S to drop down is excellent, really well placed key to use on the keyboard. I love how responsive it is looking around. Like you quickly whip 180 degrees to see what's behind you, then back again, it's great.

All in all, this game is excellent, if only the menus got a polish, it would be even better. Still worthy of 5 stars and a 5 vote.

Best game to come out in a long time!

Great work.

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Not bad!

I think this is too good for a mere menu. Maybe an opening sequence? Or credits?

It's just got too much about it to be used in a menu.

Great job, really enjoyed it. It's got a nice, upbeat feel to it.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thank you :)


Around fifty seconds... That was hilarious. When they both tried to speak at the same time. Haha, "forget what the fuck I was gonna say!".

Haha. Awesome.

Shit man, the black Dude is so funny, when he says he's disappointed of there not being any Samurais left, haaahaa.


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This REALLY hurts my eyes when expanded.

I mean, sends me fucking loopy, givin' me that mad head rush feelin'.

Damn son, nice work.


The Author's artwork is simply too good! It destroys the hopes and dreams of lesser artists! It's not FAIR you Honour, not fair at ALL!

The.. err.. Offense(?) rests.

navka responds:

Author always posts what she draws to share it with everyone and always encourage others artists to keep on drawing!She tries to inspire with her work!

P.S thanks ^^

I'm fucking loving that purple highlighting.

I reckon Ken is the best street fighter character because he is so versatile. Opponent keeps guarding? Just use his throw. That's just one of his many moves that can help you win titles.

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