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Good game, really simple concept executed brilliantly.

Was fun to guess around, didn't score too highly myself I must admit.

I wasn't going to fucking get "A cop, not a man" wrong though, I'd be damned if I did.


Ops, spoiler! Sorry!!


Pretty much same concept as Draw My Thing but not quite the frantic fast paced answering chaos that occurs.

This game has a fantastic plus to it, and that's it unites Newgrounds, User to User.

I mean, I just send some chump (Vampire something something) a message with a poorly drawn bird. I've never spoken to this guy before, but now I've sent him a poorly drawn bird! HE'S JUST GONNA HAVE TO RESPOND!

Not so original concept, executed brilliantly, involving all of Newgrounds. On that merit, this game is one of the best.

Love it

Mattster responds:

Thanks a lot! My goal was to finally get some User-User interaction, and judging by your review, I executed it correctly :D


I've only just played a little but so far, so good.

This game is so impressive. It's responsive, fun, and looks good!

Finally, a decent game from a (seemingly) independent author. None of this Armour Games shit.

There is a somewhat steep learning curve at first, and the sprint frustrates me a little. Guy doesn't appear to be able to sprint up stairs and stops sprinting after vaulting objects.

Also, while the menus are easy to navigate, they appear a little messy and doesn't do the game justice. For instance, guns unlocked this map. It's just a line of text telling me the guns, and it looks kinda last minute.

The combat is great, it's fast paced and dangerous Like it should! It's very satisfying when you kill people. Sometimes I think it would be best to have SPACE as jump/vault and another key for grenade, although it's not that much of an issue really..

Cover is okay, like crouching behind stuff, but kinda restricts your fire too, so I kinda use it only for reloading behind. Using S to drop down is excellent, really well placed key to use on the keyboard. I love how responsive it is looking around. Like you quickly whip 180 degrees to see what's behind you, then back again, it's great.

All in all, this game is excellent, if only the menus got a polish, it would be even better. Still worthy of 5 stars and a 5 vote.

Best game to come out in a long time!

Great work.

Right, I should probably review this game. It's been one of my favourites since it I joined NG.

First off, check out the first reviews this game got. Then check out the most recent. It goes from people saying the game is great to people saying it's not.

Personally, I put that down to games becoming easier, and people becoming more impatient. Back then, people acknowledged this game was brutally hard, but all the same, rewarding. I guess times change and this game might not be fitting for today's scene but back then, it was quite possibly the best game on NG.

Even now, the graphics are top quality and for me the music has never got old.

I never completed all the stages but I've made a commitment to do that now.

Plot wise, I guess there really isn't one but I see that there's a series using the characters found in this game.

Anyway, I just wanted to finally write a review, for my own sake cause I have plenty of memories playing this game.

I had... Well have, some major gripes with this game though. S for select weapon and having to click to choose one? Come on man, that wastes valuble seconds! Why not use the 1 through to 0 keys? That would save me some time!

I guess it all adds to the experience but that really pissed me off. And it still does! Haha.

For this game to come out back then, I think it's a testament to the Author's skill and creativity.

Love it.

Actually really good!

Great art work, voice acting, and plot.

Humour was excellent and dialogue really well written.

Shame it was so short but I guess that's the nature of the beast with these game jams. I mean, even though it was short, it felt like a lot of effort and detail went into each part! Excellent!

I feel this could hold it's own as a submission outside the game jams.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I'm sure this has been said before so I'll echo it, but this is nigh on identical to a game called pocket tanks.

Landscape, HUD, weapons.

I'd give you a few stars for effort but you've not even given credit to pocket tanks in your Author comments so I can't bring myself to do it.

Now I'm not saying you've got to come up with something completely original because what is these days? The trick is to add your own spin on things, whereas this is just a carbon copy.

Excellent game, real classic of Newgrounds.

Slightly easy, but still brilliant and fun to play.

I absolutely hated Kenji, he was such a crazy son of a gun.

I could hardly keep up with him and I actually started to develop some serious anxiety issues when he'd pop up in the corridor.

Great game, nice sprites and funny dialogue.

Katawa Shoujo is a great game too, so nice to see that getting a shout out.

A very loveable game with an even more loveable protagonist.

I instantly took a liking to Joe because I myself am average. You can relate easier to him being that way, instead of a Prince who grew up with wealth, knowledge and power at his beck and call (Apologies to any royalty who played this game).

Simple and entertaining plot portrayed with cute graphics and great music. All those elements fitted perfectly together each complementing each other, great job!

Actually excellent

This game was surprising good!

First, it's a very unique idea I've never played before.

The music was amazing, really soothing and it went with both the pace of the game and the imagery.

There are some tiny things wrong though, like having letters upside down or lying flat, I felt a little bit hard done by with those, haha. Also sometimes the letters not being clicked unless you're 100% over the top of them, which again is a little harsh.

Still, this game is amazing. Favourited and 5'ed all day long.

**Spoiler** I honestly thought that was a Scottish flag on the second level! Hahaha, excellent camoflauge on all the letters on all the maps, well done.

I reckon Ken is the best street fighter character because he is so versatile. Opponent keeps guarding? Just use his throw. That's just one of his many moves that can help you win titles.

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