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this isthe worst submision ive ever seen.

this would nbever happen in dbz. Wtf why is vegeta a doctor? it dosnt matter he has no job, he saves the world.

goku is strong okay (but i like vegeta better) and i doubt hed ever get a colonial hermina. and from doing weights on his arms wtf.

why does he even fly like that, why dosnt vegeta just go rob a bank (i know he went good but he is still bad) if he needs mopney. bulma is rich

why does bulma sound like she is from new zeeland, i know she is jhapanese but okay ni the voice acting by americans she is american so why have you gotten an new zeeland voice acter to do the voice?

graphics are okay, i do fan art of dbz and its pretty good like this. music was okay, a remix of we gotta powa if i think. voiceing was really bad (noo zeeland, reall;y?)

but because it was of dbz i give you 4.5 stars.

I wanted to close this flash within the first ten seconds of viewing.

I still wanted to close it half way through.

After watching it all, I wish I had closed it sooner.

Animation was poor, audio quality made my ears bleed. Plot was random, but I guess intriguing at the same time. I guess I wanted to get something out of the flash, and hoped for a good ending. Which I didn't get, so I feel cheated.

I'm not any better for having watched this flash.

You get a star for Alfy's voice acting.

I'm done.

emily-youcis responds:

damn, g, guess I should've made sum quality Goku-f**ks-his mom simulated girl hentai instead. Love never has a good ending, breh, though if you continue to relentlessly fap to anime hentai and "THER SHE IS!: Step Sh*t," you'll never learn this valuable lesson. Hey, atleast by watchin this you gave CHeeChee and your chafed member a break, and I'm happy I ruined 6 minutes of ur perpetual fap. You get a star for calling Alfred 'Alfy' though, that's cute. Okee I'm done.

Hilarious but;

I've seen this before. This exact flash.

Have you resubmitted it or something? Or did I see it on Youtube... I don't think I did..

Either way, this was hilarious, voice acting is supreme.

Good job!

oryozema responds:

I did post it on youtube a few weeks ago, so thats probably where you found it.


I got a few gripes though.

Everything looked blurred, or at least out of focus?

And when Foamy's hands were waving about, the animation of them going from one spot to the next was a bit odd. Like the drawing of them inbetween spots was too solid, you know? So it didn't quite look so fast paced.

Other than that, the voice acting was great and clear to hear, and plot was fine, funny in places too.

Good to see you back submittin'.


Fantastic voice acting all round, and a brilliant selection of music. JLB's Song of healing fit right into this flash, with it being ever so slightly different from the original track, it really added that something extra.

The animation was pretty solid, a job well done. While not being the most active of animations, in contrast to the likes of Bitey, or Tarboy (but then, what is?), this had more than enough detail in the animation and backgrounds to lift it well above Newground's standard.

I love the style in which the Deku Father is illustrated (mainly his moustache!), and how the many Keatons were messing about in the beginning. You didn't NEED to have all those Keatons being so animated, but you chose to, and as such, it really improved the flash visually. It also helped to create a certain atmosphere in the forest, like the Keatons were at peace there, and that atmosphere affects you, as the viewer. It really does bring you into the world. So great job there!

I said the voice acting was fantastic all round, and I meant it. A really diverse casting, which enriched the world. Even if there weren't a great deal amount of characters, with them all being so different, you feel satisfied hearing the dialogue. Each line was delivered with energy by the respective voice actors/actresses... that's makes SUCH a difference on the quality of the flash it's unreal. It just SEEMS more professional. Great job to you all, it all sounded VERY believable.

The plot is amazing. I mean, it's so new and different. So yeah, maybe flashes about the Zelda universe aren't, in regards to parodies and the like, but a story like this is a welcome change! It's a very interesting choice using secondary characters as lead roles, a choice I think has really worked for you and has personally, really intrigued me. I really look forward to the progression of the story, if indeed you make more!

Again, a really good piece of work. Great even. All the little details and bits of effort really come together to make a fantastic piece of work. Everyone has done each other proud in this.

I really look forward to more of your work.

Eastbeast responds:

Wow thank you for your words. The whole cast really appreciates them : > In no way do I compare myself to those great animators, but I'd like to think I am improving. Thanks for your insight on this project to make it feel fuller and a well rounded flash, your suggestions were super helpful!

I'll be sure to let you know what I am working on next

You know what? I actually really liked this.

The plot was alright, nicely done. But it was definitely empowered by your choice of music. Nice job.

I liked the pace of the movie, and it's ending. I thought it was really nice.

Great job, I personally didn't have any problems with the way you executed the stop start motion. No problem at all.

It was pretty damn scary when the Bunny started walking, that freaked me out.

Again, great job, looking forward to more from you.

You're alive! Thank Odin!

Neat little flash, obviously superb animation coming from you. Sound effects were really neat, and brutal. Proper sounded bad when Santa stacked it and then smashed through the windows.

Funny voice acting, what little there was.

Actually pretty dark side, don't know what I thought about the ending, with the fire outside the door, haha! Brutal.

Again, great to see you're alive.

chluaid responds:

haha thanks man. Yeah My original idea was to have thick smoke pouring in from under the door, but yeah, that's a bit -too- dark :P

So bad it's good!

I laughed my arse off at this.

Doesn't warrant more than one star though! HAHA, or FP but whatever! As long as it makes people laugh!

Hey alright, I remember this!

This is a lot better than I remember it being, but still not as good as it could be.

While Civilized-Apocalypse and Otherwake are slightly harsh in their critique, they do have a few good points.

First though, do whatever you want. It's totally up to you what style you do this in, or what direction you take. Sounds pretty patronising but it's true.

So while you can ignore people telling you what animation style to do this in, you should probably look at the other bits of critique they give. Like vectoring the backgrounds.

I'm not an expert at vectoring and only just about understand the word, but kinda understand what Civilized says. They do look nice, don't get me wrong, the backgrounds DO look great. But when you've got your somewhat stiff and flat animation over the top, it kinda brings the aesthetics down.

Sure, the animation was quite fluid, and some tweens looked nice, but I feel they still looked a tad robotic. For example, when Mido is practicing his swing, his whole body is practically straight upright, and rather rectangular. While some swordsmen might say that's good form (LOL), I reckon he looked too cuboid, as with most of the other characters.

Voices weren't the best in the world really, and again felt flat and forced. I'm sure you're aware of some of the amazing VA talents here on NG, and while I'm not suggesting you get them to voice act for you, I recommend upping the quality of your own VA'ers. The microphones used seemed to be quite quiet, but the real issue lies in the believability of the spoken dialogue. I'm not talking about the plot, that's something entirely different, but how the voice actors/actresses deliver the lines.

I'd love to see this series continue, and to see everyone who was involved skills improve.

If you all put in that extra effort, it will show in your work, for sure. Again, kinda patronising, but totally true and relevant to this piece.

Oh, the choice of music was fine, excellent even. I liked it, really enjoyed it.

Diggs is still my favourite character, probably still because of his lines (and his voice actor wasn't half bad either), but also cause of his random and erratic behaviour.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more from you and your team!

Bat shit insane.

Loved it.

Animation is immense. I even tuned in to watch one of your live streams. It looked pret-ty repetitive!

Good job man, the effort really shows!

I reckon Ken is the best street fighter character because he is so versatile. Opponent keeps guarding? Just use his throw. That's just one of his many moves that can help you win titles.

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